We attempt to schedule appointments to accommodate our patient’s needs. When scheduling an appointment, if you choose to, please describe your needs to our staff so that an appropriate length of time can be reserved for you. Your confidentiality is always guaranteed. We recommend that you schedule routine appointments as far in advance as possible, especially if you want to see a specific doctor. We recognize that your time is valuable and attempt to see our patients at their scheduled time. However urgent situations can disrupt our schedule, and we ask for your patience and understanding when this occurs. We will give you the option of seeing another doctor in our practice or waiting to see the doctor with which you are scheduled. If you will be unavoidably late for your appointment, we ask that you to let us know. If you are going to be very late for your appointment, we may need to reschedule it. If you cannot keep your appointment, please give us as much notice as possible, preferably a minimum of 24 hours notice. We do not offer the option of making appointments online at this time.

Emergency Care

If you are encountering a medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to the hospital.


We now accept all local Health Insurance Plans with the exception of CINICO, provided that we can verify benefits are available. Please provide our staff with a copy of your health insurance ID card. It is also your responsibility to advise us if you have changed insurance carriers. Please note that you will be responsible to pay for any portion of your billing which your insurance does not pay. It would be to your advantage to check with your insurance company regarding your benefits, deductibles, etc so that you are more prepared when you have to see medical care. We will do everything possible to assist our patients in this process, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding if your processing time takes a little longer than usual.

Email Correspondence

Your doctor or other member of our clinic team may occasionally correspond with you by email on non-medical matters. However, the email system used by our office is not encrypted and this method of communication is not considered secure. The clinic is responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of your medical information, and we will therefore not use this method of communication with you to give you test results or to provide medical advice unless you give us permission.

Telephone Calls

Please call our doctors during regular office hours with your questions or requests for prescription refills. A doctor will return your call as soon as possible. Please make sure you leave a number where you can be reached at all times.

Fees and Payment

Our fees are based on the usual and customary professional fees for the services we provide in the Cayman Islands. Our clinic accepts cash, check, debit and credit card (VISA and MasterCard) for services, tests and procedures provided here. Payment is due at the time the service is provided. For other payment arrangements, please speak to our receptionist or practice manager prior to your appointment.

Prescriptions and Refills

Doctors will not call in new prescriptions to pharmacies without first speaking to you on the phone or seeing you in their office. Prior to refilling a prescription, a doctor will need to review your chart, and you may need to schedule an appointment for a doctor to evaluate your medical condition. If you require a refill on a prescription, please call in your request a minimum of 5 days prior to taking your last dose in case an appointment is required.


Your medical information is strictly confidential. We will not release it to anyone, including family members and other medical professionals, without your written consent. A family member or friend may accompany you to your appointments.