We know your health and that of your family is your number one concern. That is why we offer a patient center home for your family that provides a personalized approach to your healthcare focusing on wellness and preventative care throughout your lifetime while offering compassionate care when you are ill.


Our dietitian and expert nutritionist is here to recommend the best food choices to aid and assist your overall health and wellness. Our registered dietitian will work with you to develop an individualized nutritional plan and provide the knowledge you need to achieve health goals. As a Registered Dietitian, Kristen also knows that many health issues are not strictly about food, but also about environment and lifestyle – she will help you look at those factors.

Kristen is specially trained in the benefits of nutrition to support your body functionality and health. If you have particular health conditions, she will provide guidance and education on how to make changes and lifestyle choices to best support medical needs and improve health.

Kristen uses evidenced-based Medical Nutrition Therapy to address issues you may be facing. She is also part of the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She therefore uses an integrated and much more personalized approach to nutrition, health and healing. This can help her analyze some of the issues you are facing in a new and comprehensive way.

Kristen also works with various tests that can help with nutrition goals in certain cases. These tests include:


(NOTE: These tests are generally not covered by insurance).