Seven Mile Medical Clinic welcomes the news that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available on island in January 2021 and that a vaccination strategy has been developed. To help protect you, our staff will be vaccinated when it is made available to them. Further, the Clinic will assist the Government and Public Health Department in any way it can, including the administration of the vaccine. We will keep our patients advised as more information is made available to us.

The Cayman Islands Government has information on their website about the COVID-19 Vaccine at COVID-19 Guidance: Vaccines ( However, many of you have been calling the Clinic with questions so here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Is the vaccine safe?

The vaccine has been deemed safe and effective by the relevant authorities in many cases. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding under the age of 18 or have a history of allergic reactions discuss with your doctor before getting the vaccine.

How is the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine that will be available in Cayman given?

The vaccine is given in your upper arm. You require two injections one to “prime” the immune system and a second to “boost”. These vaccinations are given 21 days apart.

How soon will I be protected?

You will not be protected immediately after receiving the vaccine. For that reason, you still need to practice the good habits you have developed over the last nine months – practice social distancing, avoiding large crowds – especially indoors, wearing a mask when in public places and frequently washing your hands.

Can the vaccine give me COVID-19?

No – the vaccine does not contain any live COVID-19 virus. As with any vaccine you may experience side-effects for a couple of days including pain and redness at the injection site, fever, fatigue and headache.
If I have already been diagnosed with COVID-19 and recovered do I need to get the vaccine?
Yes, the vaccine is recommended to prevent you from becoming re-infected because at this time we do not know how long your natural antibodies will last.

Will the vaccine be compulsory for all Cayman Islands residents?

At this time there are no plans to make the vaccine compulsory. It will be completely voluntary.
We will provide you with more information in the coming weeks as the vaccine becomes available and more is learnt about the vaccine outside of clinical trial environments.